Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ketchup with Janet and Marilyn!

Meet Janet and Marilyn, managers at HSS! 

  1. What is your job?
Janet is the full-time manager of Harper Dining Hall.  She directs all 32 full-time employees, does evaluations, and makes sure the staff is working well together.  Marilyn is one of two assistant managers at HSS, and she trains 55-60 student workers each year and oversees all the employees.  In general, Janet, Marilyn, and the other assistant manager Barb make sure everything is running smoothly and must deal with whatever comes up.  Marilyn told a story about a bat in the dining room one Sunday evening and how staff and UNL police had to chase a bat around all evening.  They truly have to deal with anything and everything.  
  1. What are your hours?
Janet’s hours vary.  For Marilyn’s schedule, she alternates each week with the other manager.  One week she is at work from 7 am-3:30pm Monday through Friday, and the next week she is here for the late shift from 12:30-8 or 9.
  1. How long are the shifts for employees?
Everyone has 8 hour shifts.
  1. How many kids come in to eat during each meal period?
500-600 for breakfast, 700-1000 for lunch, and 1000-1200 for dinner.
  1. Where are you from?
Janet is from Madison, NE, and Marilyn is from Waverly, NE.
  1. What path led you to work at this dining hall?
Janet graduated from UNL with a degree in nutrition and dietetics.  She went to work for a hospital where she was a clinical dietitian on the cardiac floor, so she made sure patients that had recently had surgery were eating the right things.  She never dreamed she would be at UNL, but an old boss taught her to “make lemonade out of lemons” and search for a job she would be happy with.  Marilyn had a similar back story, as she also worked in a hospital.  Janet and Marilyn actually worked at the same hospital at different times, and never imagined their paths would cross.  They have both been working together at UNL for 20 years now.
  1. What do you like about your job?
Both Janet and Marilyn love their jobs for the stability and awesome benefits they provide.  Even more so, they like seeing all the kids that come through as well as the people they work with.
  1. What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?
Janet is a proud grandmother of some pretty cute kids that she loves to spend time with.  She also really likes to travel.  Marilyn has a little crazier hobby.  She has quite the passion for riding ATV’s.  

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