Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ketchup with Jesse Elsener!

Meet Jesse Elsener, P.M. Team Line Leader at CPN!

1.     What is your job?
I am the P.M. team line leader. I’m in charge of everything that goes on the line at night. It’s my job to communicate with the kitchen leader if I’m running out of anything.  My main manager is Joel, Pat, or Jane; the team leaders are next in charge after them.
2.     What time do you have to be here to open and prep food?
I don’t have to prep food much because the kitchen does that. I just need to prep things on the specialty bar, but usually Rhonda and her student workers do that. I get here at 11:30 and help finish out lunch and any prep that needs to be done for the evening meal or the next day. 
3.     How late do you stay after closing?
We close at 7, we clean everything, then I send the student workers home at 7:30-7:45 and then I’m usually here until 8 unless something extra needs to be done.
4.     How long are the shifts?
8 hours-plus always. Some days there’s not much plus, other days there’s a lot of plus. I like the longer days so I don’t mind.
5.     Something you like about your job?
The people are great. I’m proud of our night cooks, because I came from a world of restaurants and the guys at night keep the standards set really high.  I like all the students that come through and getting to be a part of their life in a place where there’s no class or no pressure.
6.     Where are you from?
I’m from Lincoln. I’ve moved around a bit but have always come back to Lincoln.
7.     What path led you to work at this dining hall?
I had spent over a decade as a professional cook. I’ve done everything in a restaurant. From the time I was 14, to the time I was 29 I had been working in kitchens. Then, I burned out.   I thought it would be a fresh start to work at the university. I got hired at east campus, then came here.
8.     What are your interests/hobbies outside of work?
I’m a musician. I have 3 different groups I play with. I listen to a lot of music and can never listen to enough music. I have a favorite radio show called “The Best Show on WFMU”.  I also have helped make movies, record other groups, or produce music.
9.    Do you have a spouse and/or kids? / Are you a student?
I have a girlfriend who is transitioning into my fiancé.  

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